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In order to acquire a full and robust experience, your guide must embody the qualities, the knowledge and the true spirit of everything Mexico has to offer.

They must ignite your passion, your curiosity and sense of wonder. They must weave you into the colorful fabric that blankets this country in rich and storied histories, until you not only feel its warmth but carry it with you when it’s time to go home.

About the author

There is no one who understands and appreciates the true value of Mexico like Dr. Marina Aguirre.

By providing you with the absolute privilege of exploring the heart and soul of her beloved country via Bucket List Mexico trips, she’s not showing Mexico off; she’s pouring it into your heart by way of adventure, exploration and never before dreamed of experiences.

As human beings, we learn through our five senses, but when we allow ourselves to expand by way of our emotional and spiritual reactions to new encounters, is when our lives are truly enriched.

Marina understands this and has poured her appreciation and adoration of Mexico into a series of books. She knows these books will spark your desire to bring those pages to life and join a Bucket List Mexico Trip today so you may live these wonders yourself.

Here, within these pages you will find the depths of her love of Mexico’s Archaeology, Contemporary Art and Folk Art, history, and the diversity of culture, through deeply researched stories to draw you in and enlighten you.

As promised in the book's title,"Archaeological Wonders of Mesoamerica," takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the depths of the jungles and ancient cultures of her world. Marina invites the reader to join her in a journey of discovery that sheds light on the architecture and the daily life of 13 pre-Hispanic cities.

It is a great book for anyone interested in getting to know these mysterious cultures, getting ready for a trip, or, during these challenging times – sitting in an armchair and traveling in one's mind and imagination.

Dr. Aguirre's vast knowledge, her enthusiasm and love, will make this journey unforgettable!

Dr. Debby Hershman

Deputy Director & Chief Curator-at-Large
MUZA - Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

Marina’s book on Mexican Folk Art is a must read for both the first time traveler to Mexico and for the veteran traveler who has already succumbed to the many charms of Mexico. This book covers many of the folk art traditions one finds in Mexico today and explains their history and meaning for the makers. Interesting photographs illustrate her topics.

Marina’s knowledge runs deep as does her respect for the artisans. Although I’m familiar with much of the folk art covered, I often found myself thinking, “I didn’t know that.” These discoveries made the reading of this book that much more stimulating and adventurous. Whether you’re new to the world of Mexican folk art, or already an avid collector, there will be much to entice and educate you in this book. Highly recommended.

Carolyn Urbanski

Three eBooks to Enjoy

Within these books, you will find the inspiration and the education that will provide you with all the background information behind the exploration of Mexico through the eyes and spirit of the author.

Archaeological Wonders of Mesoamerica: New Answers to Old Questions

In order to gain access to a region’s history, you must first dig deeply into its past. Within this book, Marina has lovingly done the digging for you…

Between Murals and Stained Glass Windows: Mexico, Kaleidoscope of Colors

Imagine colors so rich and vibrant they’ve stood the test of time. Colors that evoke feelings within you and cover you in warmth and curiosity are the pure heart of artistic expression. That is the art of Mexico…

Mexican Folk Art: Mythical, Magical and Sublime

In this book, Marina will be your guide through the beautiful and exciting world of Mexican Folk Art. From its many mediums including masks, papier mache, wood carvings and textiles, folk art covers Mexico in beauty in every style you can imagine…

Although there is no particular order in which to read these eBooks, I suggest you start where you are most attracted.
Aat first glance, the articles are not linked, but after reading them you will see that they are intrinsically related because
they are all connected by a warp that has been woven through the centuries.

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