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Archaeological Wonders of Mesoamerica: New Answers to Old Questions

In order to gain access to a region’s history, you must first dig deeply into its past. Within this book, Marina has lovingly done the digging for you.

Between Murals and Stained Glass Windows: Mexico, Kaleidoscope of Colors

Imagine colors so rich and vibrant they’ve stood the test of time. Colors that evoke feelings within you and cover you in warmth and curiosity are the pure heart of artistic expression. That is the art of Mexico.

Mexican Folk Art: Mythical, Magical and Sublime


In this book, Marina will be your guide through the beautiful and exciting world of Mexican Folk Art. From its many mediums including masks, papier mache, wood carvings and textiles, Folk Art covers Mexico in beauty in every style you can imagine.

There is no particular order in which to read these eBooks. I suggest you start where you are most attracted.
At first glance, the articles are not linked, but after reading them you will see that they are intrinsically related
because they are all connected by a warp that has been woven through the centuries.

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