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My name is Marina Aguirre, I am an archaeologist, ethnohistorian, and I have a Ph.D in History. I have always been fascinated by reading and learning, especially about Mexico.

Since I was little, I started to travel to fantastic places; to small towns full of traditions and colorful markets, to taste freshly baked bread. My parents took me to see monarch butterflies and visit archaeological sites that were still being explored. They also shared with me their love of folk art and marimba music. 


For the past ten years, I have been organizing cultural trips throughout Mexico. In Mexico, which I fell in love with at first sight, through its history of glory and pain. My travels include destinations as interesting as they are diverse; from gastronomic experiences, workshops with artists, weavers, ceremonies with shamans and healers, to visits to exclusive places, always with an attractive, accessible but at the same time interesting and intelligent perspective. 


This year 2020 has been different for everyone. I traveled during the first three months of the year to seven different destinations and talked to over 86 travelers who realized their dream of visiting remote places, majestic cities and unique natural destinations. After that moment, the dialogue turned into a kind of frustrated monologue. I realized that I had so many stories to share and so many places to return to, that writing a book was the next step. This book represents this opportunity, it is the moment to resume this dialogue and to continue to discover this fantastic essence that Mexico possesses and that we deeply admire. 

"As promised in the book's title, 'Archaeological Wonders of Mesoamerica,' takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the depths of the jungles and ancient cultures of her world. Marina invites the reader to join her in a journey of discovery that sheds light on the architecture and the daily life of 13 pre-Hispanic cities.

It is a great book for anyone interested in getting to know these mysterious cultures, getting ready for a trip, or, during these challenging times – sitting in an armchair and traveling in one's mind and imagination.

Dr. Aguirre's vast knowledge, her enthusiasm and love, will make this journey unforgettable!"

Dr. Debby Hershman - Deputy Director and Chief Curator-at-Large

MUZA – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

"Between Murals and Stained Glass Windows" is a fascinating read. I have traveled in Mexico for over 50 years and I have seen most of the places Marina describes. I learned something new on every page and I felt like I was seeing the locations again. Her scholarly research and friendly approach shows her pride in her heritage and love of her culture. She has a lovely way of sharing her enthusiasm to the reader. This book would be useful for the first time visitor who loves art and for art lovers who have been to Mexico numerous times. Thank you Marina for sharing.

Mary Anne Shaw

The artistry and beauty of Mexican folk art teaches us the customs, ceremonial festivals, and the many social and communal functions in which the people’s life was expressed. I have had the privilege of traveling with Marina Aguirre several times and in several locations. She has enhanced my knowledge and appreciation of the folklore of Mexico through our travels. Readers of this Ebook will be privileged to experience the vital exuberance of “mythical, magical and sublime” Mexican folk art written by a skilled and learned teacher.

Helene Cobos-Chenier

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