Archaeological Wonders of Mesoamerica: New Answers to Old Questions


In order to gain access to a region’s history, you must first dig deeply into its past. Within this book, Marina has lovingly done the digging for you. With a passion for the understanding of how a culture develops, what grew from the ground and flourished and what withered and returned to the earth, Marina has put together by way of archeological studies as well as human studies, a timeless collection of questions and answers as to the rise and fall of Mesoamerica.

Covering the 13 pre-Hispanic cities of Mesoamerica in depth, this book will illustrate for you how every aspect of a civilization can develop, flourish and eventually fall. By the blessing of archeology, and through her painstaking exploration, she will open the door for you, invite you into the past, and share with you the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Within these pages, you will travel back through time, and upon your return at the end of the book, she hopes you too will want to experience these incredible places yourself.



Marina notes that poet “Carlos Prellicer invited his readers to travel with his pen to Mexico’s fantastic landscapes.”

Dr. Aguirre affords the armchair traveler or cultural history enthusiast the opportunity to be very present with her while on a fascinating and intimate journey through her beloved Mexico.

The authoritative text seamlessly weaves together México’s historic past and vibrant, living present. On every page one feels the throbbing pulse of México and even by way of a virtual experience, Marina delivers a profoundly real one.

Filled with both contemporary and archival photos, the book brims with Dr. Aguirre’s gentle scholarship as well as her palpable joy in sharing a life dedicated to engendering cultural appreciation and understanding.

Sandy McNett Javaras – Corte Madera, California


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