Between Murals and Stained Glass Windows: Mexico, Kaleidoscope of Colors


Imagine colors so rich and vibrant they’ve stood the test of time. Colors that evoke feelings within you and cover you in warmth and curiosity are the pure heart of artistic expression. That is the art of Mexico. This book will not only show you the glorious work of Mexican artists but tell you their significance; both artistically and historically. To simply gaze upon a work of art is never enough. An artist pours so much of themselves and their experiences into their work that to not understand the meaning behind the creation, you are cheating yourself out of the completeness of the piece.

Within this book, Marina shares with you her discoveries of the stories behind the colors and creativity, and also the artists themselves. You will get to know the complete picture, not just the beautiful imagery. You will gain a new appreciation of how deeply art is rooted in the cultures of the Mexican people, prior civilizations and those who fell in love with Mexico and expressed themselves through their own art as well. To not immerse yourself in Mexican art when you visit would be a tragedy, as the artists have given all of themselves to you via these beautiful works to enrich you with culture, history and stories of who Mexico really is: life in full color.



Marina Aguirre has written an excellent book to the most important Mexican art and architecture of the last century and the locales to visit to experience these works.  She incorporates the historical setting in place and time and how that influences the pieces that she discusses –  that is the background information required to understand the meaning and significance of each work.  Having been to most of the sites with Marina, this book serves as a great reminder and as a source of reference for our own recollections of the great experiences we have had learning about Mexican history and culture and appreciating the uniquely Mexican style of visual arts.

Susanne Gendron and Jim Podruski
Calgary, Canadá

“Between Murals and Stained Glass Windows” is a fascinating read.  I have traveled in Mexico for over 50 years and I have seen most of the places Marina describes.   I learned something new on every page and I felt like I was seeing the locations again.   Her scholarly research and friendly approach shows her pride in her heritage and love of her culture.   She has a lovely way of sharing her enthusiasm to the reader.   This book would be useful for the first time visitor who loves art and for art lovers who have been to Mexico numerous times.   

Thank you Marina for sharing.

Mary Anne Shaw

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