Mexican Folk Art: Mythical, Magical and Sublime


In this book, Marina will be your guide through the beautiful and exciting world of Mexican Folk Art. From its many mediums including masks, papier mache, wood carvings and textiles, Folk Art covers Mexico in beauty in every style you can imagine. The book begins with the story of José Guadalupe Posada and his famous Catrina, and by learning about the artist, you will understand the significance of his subject. From there, you will begin to unfold how these incredibly talented artists found their inspiration and how their artistic expression grew out of their experiences.

Marina will expose for you how the relationships between the past and present cultures of Mexico link together via Folk Art. You will learn how the rich and deeply honored religious inspirations have woven into this art as well as how they are celebrated within the many colorful festivals held throughout the country in honor of the patron saints and virgins. From clay sculptures to wood carvings, the layers of textures and colors are endless. You’ll wish you could reach out and touch them. Within this book your understanding and appreciation will prepare you for your trip with Marina, so that you may experience the magnitude and vast layers of this art in person in order to truly appreciate it.



I have been collecting Mexican folk art for fifty- five years. My knowledge and love of this colorful expression of culture has been enhanced by my friendship with Marina. She is a treasure trove of information, stories, and enthusiasm. Her meticulous research and relationships with the artists make her an expert on the diverse modalities revealed here by a respectful author who cherishes her inheritance. This book is a love letter to the indigenous artists of Mexico.

Ginger Reinert
St. Louis, Missouri


The artistry and beauty of Mexican folk art teaches us the customs, ceremonial festivals, and the many social and communal functions in which the people’s life was expressed. I have had the privilege of traveling with Marina Aguirre several times and in several locations. She has enhanced my knowledge and appreciation of the folklore of Mexico through our travels. Readers of this Ebook will be privileged to experience the vital exuberance of “mythical, magical and sublime” Mexican folk art written by a skilled and learned teacher.

Helene Cobos-Chenier


Marina’s book on Mexican Folk Art is a must read for both the first time traveler to Mexico and for the veteran traveler who has already succumbed to the many charms of Mexico. This book covers many of the folk art traditions one finds in Mexico today and explains their history and meaning for the makers. Interesting photographs illustrate her topics. Marina’s knowledge runs deep as does her respect for the artisans. Although I’m familiar with much of the folk art covered, I often found myself thinking, “I didn’t know that.” These discoveries made the reading of this book that much more stimulating and adventurous. Whether you’re new to the world of Mexican folk art, or already an avid collector, there will be much to entice and educate you in this book. Highly recommended.

Carolyn Urbanski

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